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 We are a community-based real estate company. We live in the area, raise our families here, and are deeply invested in the community. We treat every transaction as if we were buying or selling the home right along with our clients. This attention to detail to your specific needs eases the potential stress of buying or selling a home and minimizes surprises. We are involved every step of the way and make client satisfaction the priority throughout the process.

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You may have heard about this recent settlement. Read below for Green Door Living's press release response. Please know that we are here to serve YOU!

Green Door Living: A Locally Owned and Operated Real Estate Company In Denver, Unaffected by Recent Settlement Against NAR
Denver, 11/2/2023 - Green Door Living, a leading real estate company in Northwest Denver, is proud to announce that it is unaffected by the recent settlement related to commission structures, as it is not a member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR). Having left the NAR 15 years ago due to disagreements with their business policies, Green Door Living continues to stand as an independent and ethical choice for clients seeking professional real estate services.
Unlike several “big box” Real Estate Brokerages that were hit with the recent legal suit as members of NAR, Green Door Living has always prioritized its commitment to client satisfaction and transparent dealings. Green Door Living’s team of neighborhood experts possesses an extensive understanding of the local market, ensuring that our clients are provided with accurate and personalized guidance throughout their real estate journey, including fee structure.
"As a locally owned and operated company, our focus has and will always be on serving the community," stated Christian Thompson, Managing Partner. "We have built our reputation on providing exceptional service and fair, honest dealings to our valued clients. Our decision to leave the NAR 15 years ago allowed us to maintain our own principles and provide a superior experience that aligns with our core values."
Green Door Living has the unique advantage of being locally owned and operated. They are deeply ingrained in the community they serve, and they actively contribute to its growth and well-being. Green Door Living has won the Talk of the Town Awards and Five-Star Agents for multiple years. These prestigious awards recognize companies that consistently deliver outstanding customer service and represent the best in their industry. By choosing Green Door Living, clients can feel confident that they are supporting a company that genuinely cares about the neighborhood and its residents.
Green Door Living invites individuals and families looking for a real estate partner they can trust to reach out today. With our dedicated team of neighborhood experts, clients can expect comprehensive knowledge, personalized service, and a commitment to delivering results that exceed expectations.
To learn more about Green Door Living's services or to schedule a consultation, please contact any of the agents!

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